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The Temple of Isis, Philae
DECEMBER 28, 2007

Moses speaks through a burning bush or, Blood on the Streets

Since we have finished this trip I have been very very slack, therefore I have not managed to get around to finishing off the last few entries - this will come, in time, enshalla.

In brief, we arrived in Cairo, hung out with friends for a few days, managed to coincide our trip with the annual Eid festival where we witnessed the slaughtering of animals on the streets, took a bus ride east to Sharm El Sheikh where we spent a week over Christmas in a Russian resort with my cousin Yvonne. Before bussing back to Cairo we managed a hair raising trip up to Saint Catherine's Monestary to view Moses's Burning Bush...

Details to come... someday.

Click here to see the our Sharm El Sheikh Photo Gallery
Click here to see the our Burning Bush Photo Gallery

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