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Diving at Sharm El Sheikh

January 10, 2008

Friends - Egyptian Style

Since we have finished this trip I have been very very slack, therefore I have not managed to get around to finishing off the last few entries - this will come, in time, enshalla.

In brief, we hung out in Cairo with a group of Egyptians drinking coffee and doing very little else. On a few occassions we did talk about 'doing' the standard Egyptian sites, we even set off on one ocassion with all intents on visiting Coptic Cairo, unfortunatly we only made it as far as McDonalds in the city. We did manage to get out to the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, before as a group it was decided a road trip up to Alexandria was in order. We did pretty much the same there as in Cairo only in an apartment overlooking the beach. Cape Town to Cairo, a road trip spanning 12 months and numerous countries, trials and tribulations ends here, we fly from a dusty airstrip in the middle of know where to Dubai and after a few weeks re-integration back to Melbourne Australia and home.

Details to come... someday.

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