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Fatty - Wildebeest Camp, Nairobi
OCTOBER 10, 2007

Kenya Part 2

Our arrival back in Kenya coincides with the runup to a Kenyan election. We have made the decision not to spend to much time here this time around doing touristy things - future trips to Africa will need to include Lamu, Mombasa and the many wonderful parks on offer. We will restock - post home a parcel of goodies - and head north into the Bad Lands...

Australian Government Travel Warning
We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in Kenya because of the high threat of terrorist attacks against Western interests in Kenya and high crime levels.

Violent clashes between police and armed gangs have occurred since the beginning of 2007 in parts of the central province, north and north-east Kenya, the Mount Elgon area in western Kenya and in Nairobi.

Violent crime against Westerners, including armed carjacking and home invasions, occurs frequently in and around Nairobi. You should avoid walking alone at night. We also strongly advise against travelling outside of Nairobi after dark.

We strongly advise you not to travel to the border regions with Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia because of the extremely dangerous security situation. Cross border violence occurs, including kidnapping, armed banditry, and violent tribal and clan disputes. Kenya’s border with Somalia was closed on 3 January 2007 due to increased instability in Somalia. Along the Kenya-Ethiopia border, localised incidents of violence are common, and include armed banditry, violent cattle rustling, counter raids and tribal warfare.

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Not sure l wanted to know about the travel warning!!!! - with only a short time to go you to better look after yourselves and make sure you get home safely - now is not the time to get reckless!!

Love always mum and dad xxoo - 25 November, 2007


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