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Jackass Penguins at Boulders Beach, South Africa
February 12, 2007 -

South Africa - The Rainbow Nation

South Africa, a country ravaged by the HIV/AIDS crisis where nearly 29.5% of their 47 million population are infected, and 27% of the population are unemployed and impoverished. It's only 15 odd years since apartheid was abolished and a massive divide still exists between white and black South Africans.

From Capetown in the west, to Kruger National Park in the east, with the wine country, the garden route, Lesotho, Zulu Land and nearly 2500 kilometres in between.

Sounds to me like the perfect introduction to Africa. Our around the world trip has finally begun.

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You are mistaken. you said 15 years after apartheid, so that is now considering apartheid stopped 1994. Where you are wrong is this, there is no divide between blacks and whites, no. Whites are being killed on a daily basis and the culprits gets a bounty for every farmer they kill. There is a silent war going on, its not a case of the people being divided, its a case of civil war which is being kept from the world. 2nd, we have 49% hiv infection. 72% unemployment, ever since the new regime took over. But who gives a f*&k.

Lukas - 11 December, 2007


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