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Sowete - Vilakazi St, Home of Nelson Mandella and Desmond Tutu
April 10, 2007

Back to South Africa

After nearly two weeks in Lesotho it is with some regret that we are back in South Africa. Malealea Lodge was fantastic and if visa's permitted we would have stayed longer.

After a moderately rough 4x4 trip over the Sani Pass we spent a hectic Easter weekend holed up at the Sani Lodge. With moderately warm mornings followed by shattering rain storms, we ventured out briefly to see a local waterfall (we are by now a little waterfalled out), and a short four hour hike along the nearby Plateau.

After the mini bus experiences in Lesotho we were not expecting trouble on the road to Pietermaritzburg. Unfortunately, as with most things on the trip, things here work on African time. After standing by the side of the road for about one and half hours with no luck hailing a passing mini bus or hitching a ride with a local, we walked about 2km's in the opposite direction (fully loaded) to the drop off point where the busses arrive from crossing the Sani Pass from Lesotho. Two mini busses were patiently waiting and even though we were five in the bus he refused to leave until he was full. Bring on a two hour wait, followed by a mad rush as the bus filled to over flowing in about 20 seconds - a new record, 21 people in a mini bus.

All that wait for a 25km trip to Underberg where we changed buses for another half hour wait until we were again full for the trip to Pietermaritzburg. I spent a painful two hours talking to two Zulu guys heading home after the long weekend. The obvious language barrier was bad enough and definitely not helped by their drinking a full bottle of rum on the journey (and no, I do not speak French).

After a pointless day wandering around Pietermaritzburg we achieved nothing, saw little, and decided to head on to Jo 'Burg. Unfortunately, although I have a great interest in Zulu history and the various battles that took place in the KwaZulu Natal, without a vehicle, it would take forever and a day to take in the various battle grounds and historical sites spread over a massive area.

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  Hi Guys, Loving the blog. You are having such an amazing time - and I am living vicariously through you as my belly just gets bigger and bigger, hopefully have some news for you in the next couple of weeks - and the photos are great. Stay safe!

Rebecca - April 20, 2007

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