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Victoria Falls - Rainbow
JUNE 03, 2007


Quite simply, Zambia's attraction to the humble tourist lies in its most popular attraction, Victoria Falls, which it shares with neighbouring country Zimbabwe. Zambia provides a stable environment to view the falls, and prevents the modern tourist from handing over their hard earned money to Mr Mugabe.

Yet Zambia wasn't always the stable image of central africa that people now come to expect. After declarding independance in 1964, Northern Rhodesia was renamed to Zambia and in the ensuing 30 years corruption and poor government led to a situation not dissimilar to that in which Zimbabwe now founds itself.

Thankfully in 1991 the UNIP which had been in power since independance was forced out of through the countries first truely democratic elections. With the subsequent backing of the World Bank and the IMF Zambia has slowly turned itself around, providing hope to the Zimbabweans that theirs is not a lost cause.

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