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Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe
MAY 30, 2007


In 1888 Cecil John Rhodes formed the British South Africa Company and colonised Rhodesia. In 1966 the second war of independance began and was bitterly raged until the late 1970's when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe, of the Zimbabwe African National Union became it's first Prime Minister.

Due to politcal unrest between the government and the main opposition party, the 80's were filled with horrific massacres of natives in the Matabeleland province. It wasn't until the early 90's however, with the economy in total dissary, that Robert Mugabe's popularity started to fade, and to secure reelection played the race card, rewarding the war veterins through 'land re-allocation'. This was the beginning of the decline for Zimbabwe as the agricultural sector degenerated into complete decay.

In 2002 Mugabe rigged the elections and retained power. Unfortunatly the Zimbabwean people are tolerant of hardship and rather than start a civil war, appear happy to wait for Mugabe's death for change to occur.

When we first started planning our African adventure we included Zimbabwe in the rough itinerary. With Vic Fall's firmly on the list of places to visit, we decided very early on to attempt to cross from Mozambique to Zambia via Zimbabwe.

It wasn't until we were midway through South Africa that we were forced to make our first hard decision. With recent developments in Harare causing further political unrest we had the option of changing our plans and heading into Zambia via Botswana. We persisted with the initial plan, bolstered by a meeting we had with a local Zimbabwean Morrison Ncube.

Midway through Mozambique, after Australian won the Cricket World Cup (again), the Australian government began applying pressure on Zimbabwe by banning the Australian Cricket Team from its planned tour of Zimbabwe in September of this year. We decided to push on to the North of Mozambique and decide at the last minute. With Zimbabwe experiencing Hyper-Inflation, we began securing enough US$ currency to allow us to survive for two weeks in Zimbabwe. After discussions with fellow travellers, some recently having travelled the reverse route through Zimbabwe that we had planned, in the end, the decision to enter Zimbabwe was made for us...

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